Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rappers delight....

 Being a fiance of a rapper that is trying to be known in the Bay Area is not like i ever thought it would be. I remember when i was 13 or 14 watching the cute boys that rapped on their music videos, i thought it would be so exciting, fun, and sexy to have a boyfriend or husband in that type of business but now i know things that i didn't know back then. 
 With fame comes money which brings problems and bitches. I have heard stories of what these married guys do with females that get back stage or females they run into at the Hotel room, club, their music videos, fans, after parties, tours, etc. and they pay these girls that they get down with to keep their mouths shut. I do not want that to happen to me. Don't get me wrong i DO trust my man but i do not trust the dirty hoes that run in this type of game. Or any other type of game.
 I don't want to turn out to be like those basketball wives who are now divorced from the famous hubby's and are left with all the kids and alone. Don't you think it would be hard to find a boyfriend that would be ok with you having ties with someone famous? But that's another story for another time and i hope i never have to find out.
 I want my fiance to be known because that is what he wants, it makes him happy and its his passion in life. I except that but if it brings heavy problems into our relationship and tears us apart then i might have to kick rocks, which it better not ever happen. 


Anonymous said...

I just found this :] other blog of yours, but with the whole rapper thing A LOT of people want to be rappers...but not a lot make it. besides that whole thing I thing you need to realize (not to be rude or mean sorry) that you're better than him, honestly don't worry about the other b***hes they're nothing you're everything. we need to worry about our man not the girls because in the end it takes 2 to tango and if he doesn't give into temptation there's nothing to worry about. ♥ keep your head up and know every man is just a MAN nothing more

Malia said...

I wanted to make a seperate blog for deeper thoughts, you know? Thanks for you advice it does take two to tango and a man is just a man. It my hurt to lose hime but i have had my share of bad break ups i know i will eventually get over it, i just worry more about the pain i would have to endure if he is ever unfaithful. BUT i know he would never ever find someone thats like me. I support his passion just as long as he stays faithful.

Remy said...

Making it out here as a rapper is tough trust me i know, but im done wit dat game im happy jus been a hood rapper feel me, anyway miz malia all i can tell is is at least u are aware of what goes on when it comes to money n fame just take yo shit 1 day at a time and every thang will be aight.
Clever choice for a blog name!


I just read this, even though i am a little late i felt like i should comment and give a little lady a heads up :)
I often worry about things like that too and i too have also been hurt by dickheads in the past. All i can say is atleast you are weary of all the shit that COULD happen but that does not mean it will. Life is short and if we spend most of our time focussing on something that could happen and that might not, we'll miss what is right infront of us.
If it comes, then hit the puto, if it doesn't love him unconditionally. Goodluck my girl and i hope this little peice of advice from all around the world helped.


Malia said...

@ROSITANEGRA Im sorry that i read your comment so late i barely check this blog. Thanks for ur advice and your so right i need to enjoy what i have infront of me util other wise. My head is deff up!