Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm engaged to a married man

I knew it. Why do people we love have to keep things from us? I knew it all along but did not want to believe it. Seeing it on screen is making me more hurt and even more pissed off then the first time i heard that he was married. Or i should say STILL married. I feel like a fool to have everyone around me know it but me. What a fucking joke. I left my family behind to start a new life with this man who i love so much. Now i feel like what the fuck do i do now?

 First i find out by his step mom who everyone hates that he is still married to this chick that lives in the same city we do. Then his so called mother yells out right in front of me, does she know that your married and her little boy is yours? Oh shit, what else is this guy hiding from me. Hes already lied to me about his first son and now there's a second one with his WIFE? Oh hell no. After that he tells me that they got a divorce, which is another lie to add to the list. Will it ever stop? I cant take any more of this shit, im stressed out with other things already, its holiday season, and now i got this to drown in.

 Now every time i go to Safeway and push in my phone number to save money i dont want to be called Mrs. Vargas. CUZ it is not me who hes married to. Thanks asshole.