Friday, September 24, 2010

Reminiscing on Westmont High

Every once in a while i think back to my high school days. I always knew what my uncle used to tell me was true, you know the old, "When your older and you look back  you are going to miss those days in high school they will be the best times of your life." I know i should have stayed and made things great and made lots more memories then what i have now in high school. I was one of those troubled teens ditching school and running from the police. I don't like to regret things and i do not regret that BUT if i would have stayed in class maybe my life would have turned out different. Who knows?

 Anyway i went to Westmont high school in Campbell C.A. By the football field there is a creek with a hole in the gate so students can slide through it. That is where i used to start my ditching adventures most of the time but the one thing that sucked was at a popular exit out of the creek was right next to my grandmas house, she still lives there, i could not go past that point! There were holes in the gate to stop off at different locations like behind the field of Forrest hill elementary but their yard duties were out bound and would stop and ask questions. Damn do they still call them yard duties?! LOL! I hope not.
 So much fun back then and i miss it sooo much. Well that is why we call them memories, right? Now we have the rest of our lives to make news ones and enjoy what we have right in front of us because growing up is a part of life.

Go Warriors!!